Who We Are


ChART Contemporary Consulting is a private art advisory and curatorial platform dedicated to bringing together art and people. We emphasize a highly-individualized, client-oriented approach to art appreciation, events, and exhibition planning. Our seasoned team of art, culture, and lifestyle experts provide the tools and insider access to build cultural confidence, resulting in unforgettable experiences, events, and exhibitions.

Since its inception in 2008, ChART has introduced the Curious, the Committed, and the Fanatic to the robust art and design worlds in Asia, Europe, and the United States. We started as contemporary Asian art specialists and have grown into a global network of contemporary art and lifestyle experts with offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, Dallas, and New York.



We curate art and cultural experiences with the goal of promoting cultural confidence and the exchange of ideas by bringing together art and people. Each experience is uniquely designed for the participants and we believe in storytelling and cultural interaction as a way of bringing people closer to the art in an environment devoid of pretension. 

Cultural Confidence develops from, not only knowledge and facts, but experience and interaction. Confidence is being comfortable and familiar with a subject intellectually as well as tangibly. Whether that subject is art, music, food, fashion, or design, ChART provides the interactive experiences and knowledge to bring the subject to life and make it part of your unique journey. From novices to seasoned professionals and collectors, our mission is to provide an experience that is approachable, exciting, and enlightening.